1. What is driving?
2. Why do we drive?
3. What should concern us when we drive?
4. If we drive should we be concerned with Road Rage and Aggressive Driving?
5. What is the difference in Road Rage and Aggressive Driving?
6. When should we drive on the Freeway?
7. Who should we be concerned about when we drive?
8. What makes us speed down the road?
9. What  is the best thing we can do when we are distressed.
10. Should we use hostile language when we feel distressed?
11.  Should we drive to other cities, towns, villages and other states?
12.  Should we drive everyday?
13.  Should we keep our vehicle in a good condition?
14.  Why is it important to have money?
15.  Is it important to cultivate good positive relationships?
16.  Should we become loners?
17.  Should we learn as much as we can?
18.  Should we keep our minds open to new things?
19.  Should we listen to those who are older than we are?
20.  Should we study the functions of our vehicle?
21.  Should we stop taking classes?
22.  Should we learn to teach other people?
23.  Should we teach other people?
24.  Should we remember that what goes around comes around?
25.  What is the most important thing in your life?
26.  Is it important to have a legal source of income?
27.  How many people can you help today?
28.  Is it important to care about other people even when you don't even know them?
29.  Are you your brother's keeper?
30.  Is love important?
31.  Do you know what you are going to do in the next hour?
32.  Why do we need traffic laws?
33.  Is sleep important to you?
34.  What can happen to you if you don't care about any other people save yourself?
35.  Should we fight in battles that are far away from us?
36.  Should we pay our bills?
37.  Should we pay our bills on time?
38.  Should we keep a diary?
39.  Should we go to church?
40.  Should we obey our parents?
41.  Should we listen carefully to our guardians?
42.  Should we learn how we react to things that happen around us?
43.  Should we be willing to help other people?
44.  Should we get involved with a buddy study situation?
45.  What is a buddy study situation?
Driver's Education.
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Buy this adult 14 lessons $840.00