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Grace and Mercy Driving School
22825 Van Dyke Warren, MI  48089
Office Hours: during class times and by appointment.
Certification#  P000459

As of June 1, 1998, Public Act 11, Section 4 (1) of Michigan Driver Education Law states that when there will be any individual in the vehicle less than 18 years of age, there will be no less than three individuals (including the instructor) in a training vehicle.

This agreement may be waived only by obtaining a written statement from the student's parent or guardian.

Occasionally due to scheduling, or a student's failure to show up for driving appointments, or the convenience of dropping a student at home. There would be only one student. Rather than cancelling the session, we would like your written permission to teach your son or daughter alone. You are under no obligation to sign this agreement.

I,                                                      waive my rights with section (4) of Public Act
   Parent or Guardian (Print)

11 of 1998, giving permission to Grace and Mercy Driving School, to conduct driver training exercises or test, to                                                    privately,

Student's Name
without the presence of another person.

Signature:                                                  Date:                                       
(Parent or Guardian)
Parental Permission